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Important: All authors are required to submit the COPYRIGHT TRANSFER FORM
with their papers for publishing.
Click here to download the form.

Submission of Papers :

Authors are requested to submit their original manuscript and figures  electronically, or in print,  to the Editor,(jigu1963@gmail.com) Journal of Indian Geo­physical Union, NGRI Campus, Uppal Road, Hyderabad - 500 007.

Submission of a paper implies that it has not been published previously, that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, and that if accepted it will not be published else­where in the same form, in English or in any other language, without the written consent of the publisher. Also, as we are bound by publication ethics we strongly object plagiarism. At any time it is found authors have breached ethical norms, Editor has full authority to delete the publication and display the information in print in the IGU website and journal.


Authors should submit an electronic copy of their paper with the final version of the manuscript to jigu1963@gmail.com. The electronic copy (preferably in word document) should match the hardcopy, if sent earlier, exactly.  

General : 

Electronically submitted manuscripts should be in a zipped file containing the text, along with references, figure captions and acknowledgements, in  MSWORD, figures and tables separately labelled/numbered according to the text. Figures and tables may also be inserted in the text itself to facilitate review process. Figures should be in high resolution, in standard formats with clear labels.

  The corresponding author should be identified (include E-mail address, Phone/Mobile number). Full affiliation and postal address must be given for all co-authors. Authors should consult a recent issue of the journal for style. An electronic copy of the paper should accompany the final version. The Editor or acting Editor reserves the right to adjust style to certain standards of uniformity. Authors should retain a copy of their manuscript since we cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss of papers. Original manuscripts are discarded one month after publication unless the Publisher is asked to return origi­nal material after use. 

The submitted manuscripts would be thoroughly reviewed by ex­perts. Final decision to publish or reject a research communica­tion lies with the Editor. 

Abstract : 

An abstract of not more than 500 words must be includ­ed.

Text :

Follow this order when typing manuscripts : All papers should be accompanied by title (including a short title, Author(s), Affiliations, Abstract, Introduction, Methods/Tech­niques/ Area Description, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledge­ments, References.  Tables and Figures with captions should be inserted in the main frame of the manuscript, at appropriate places. The corresponding author should be identified with an asterisk and foot note.

Figures/Illustrations : 

All figures should be provided in camera-ready form, suitable for reproduction (which may include reduc­tion) without retouching. All standard formats of figures (.gif, .tiff, .jpg, .bmp are accepted. Figures could be re-sized for publication). If submitting on paper, one set should be in the form of high quality glossy black and white photographic prints, ready for reproduction. The other two copies of figures should be provided for the use of reviewers. Figures should be numbered according to their sequence in the text on the reverse of the reproduction. References should be made in the text to each figure.  Each figure should have a suitable caption in the main text. 

Tables : 

Authors should take note of the limitations set by the size and layout of the journal. A table should not exceed the printed area of the page. They should be typed on separate sheets and details about the tables should be given in the text. Heading should be brief. If typed in a clear and compact manner, tables may be reproduced by a block. Large tables should be avoided. To avoid reproduction errors it is advised to insert tables, at appropriate places, in the main frame of the manuscript.

Equations : 

Equations should be numbered sequentially with Arabic numerals and cited in the text. Subscripts and Superscripts should be set off clearly. Equation writing software that presents each equation as an object in msword will be accepted. Style and convention adopted for the equations should be uniform throughout the paper. 

References : 

All references to publications made in the text should be presented in a list of references following the text and all references in the list must be cited in the text.Refer­ences should be arranged chronologically, in the text. The list of references should be arranged alphabetically at the end of the paper. 

References should be given in the following form :

Kaila, K.L., Reddy P.R., Mall D.M., Venkateswarlu, N., Krishna V.G. and Prasad, A.S.S.S.R.S., 1992. Crustal structure of the west Bengal Basin from deep seismic sounding investigations, Geophys. J. Int., v.111,no. ,pp:45-66.

Charges to authors : 

There are no page charges for publication.

The Journal is open access and copies of the paper can be downloaded from IGU website (www.igu.in).

Acrobat (pdf) of the article will be sent to authors. 

Since page costs for colour printing are rising, authors may be charged for printing of pages containing colour figures. Authors may convert the figures to b/w in order to reduce costs, if desired. Authors will be intimated colour figures reproduction costs, when galley proofs are sent. However, it is advisable to elicit specific information from jigu office, cost of colour figures much in advance to avoid last minute conversion in to b/w.

Payment for colour figure reproduction and reprints:

Reprints of each paper are provided at prices quoted on the order form, which accompanies galley proofs. Order for reprints must be sent along with corrected galley proofs. Charges for colour figures reproduction and reprints should be sent through D.D in the name of Treasurer, Indian Geophysical Union, payable at Hyderabad.

Review process:

 The manuscripts are peer-reviewed, by experts. It is advisable, to avoid delay in selecting reviewers, to send details of 4 potential reviewers along with the manuscript. Editor has the option to select from the list or choose from outside. The review process is usually about 3 months. All enquiries regarding the manuscript may be addressed to the Editor (jigu1963@gmail.com)

Galley Proofs:

Technical editing of manuscripts is performed by the editorial board. The author is asked to check the proofs for typographical errors and to answer queries from the editor.

Authors are requested to return the proofs without delay to ensure uninterrupted processing.

The editor will not accept new material in proofs unless permis­sion from the editorial board has been obtained for the addition of a “note added in proof”. Authors are liable for the cost of excessive alterations to proofs.


March 03, 2015

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