UP University Exam 2020 Promotion Guideline, base of Pass and fail, chance of increase the marks

The UP government has issued a guideline for the examination of universities and colleges in Uttar Pradesh. Deputy CM Dr. Dinesh Sharma said that instructions have been issued in respect of examinations to state universities as per UGC guidelines. Students who have passed different grades in every subject of their class or have a back paper based on their evaluation of the examination papers conducted by the relevant university before the lockdown will be promoted.

However, such students who are not even eligible for the back paper as per the rules of the university concerned, based on the incomplete result of this examination conducted earlier, will be declared a failure in the year 2020 examination.

That’s how students will be able to increase the number after promotion

Such students, who will not be satisfied with the marks obtained in the promotion, will be able to take the exam again in 2021. Students dissatisfied with the marks will be able to improve their marks by appearing in the examination of all or any desired subject.

The Deputy CM also informed that the universities which have released the results after conducting the examination will remain unchanged.

  • Apart from this, the students will be promoted for the next semester and session based on the test taken earlier.
    Simultaneously, instructions have been issued to declare the result of graduation final year by October 15 and postgraduate final year by October 31.
  • Final year and final semester exams can be conducted online, offline, or in a mixed manner until 30 September.
  • The marks of examinations conducted before the lockdown of universities will be included in the final result. The rules already applicable to these examinations will remain applicable.
  • All the examinations except the last year / last semester of the universities of Uttar Pradesh will be postponed.
  • If for some reason the student is not able to appear in the final semester / final year university examination, then the student can be given a chance to appear in the special examination of that question paper, these special examinations will be conducted at the convenience of the university.
  • In the last semester/ final year, students coming under the backlog will be compulsorily conducted examinations in terms of practicality/ suitability by offline, online, or mixed exam medium.

How UP University Results will be Released or calculated? – Base of Pass and fail

The results of the first-year students will be declared on the basis of a 100% internal assessment. These students will appear in the second year exam of 2020-21. If all these subjects remain separate, then the average marks of all subjects in its second year will be considered as the marks of the remaining subjects of its first year, whose examinations could not be completed in 2020.

If a student appearing in the Second Year / Fourth Semester examination in 2021 is found eligible for a back paper/ improvement examination in some subjects separately, then the average score of all subjects passed is his first year/ second. Those subjects of the semester will be considered as marks, whose exams were not held in 2020.

If the student fails in the second year in 2021, then he/ she will be able to appear again in this exam in 2022, and on the basis of the result of the second year in this examination, the remaining subjects of the first year 2020 will be considered as marks, exams could not be conducted this year.

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